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Patient Manual - Phone Calls


Our Responsibility

Our staff is available during office hours to take phone calls if there are issues that arise concerning your rheumatic disease that require our services at times other than your scheduled office visit. Because we have many other responsibilities during the course of the day, it may be necessary to leave a message and number to call back on our voice mail. We will make every attempt to get back with you that day. Calls that are received after 4 p.m. may not be addressed until the following day.

Our doctors will use their discretion as to whether they need to discuss your problem with you personally or whether it can be dealt with through our staff. The volume of calls received each day prevents our doctors from calling every patient back themselves.

Your Responsibility

Please leave one or more phone numbers where you can be reached so that we can contact you and address your problems. This will ensure that we can address your concerns efficiently.

Our doctors are on call after hours through the physicians' exchange. Any call received through the exchange after hours should be a true emergency that cannot wait until the following day. Ideally, your problems will be dealt with much more effectively if we have your chart in front of us to review.

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