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We have a commitment to excellence in the services we offer, listed below.

 Infusion Services

We perform the Infusions of multiple drugs used to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions and Osteoporosis.  These are performed by a qualified and certified nurse under the supervision of a physician in the clinic.


Ultrasound is non invasive and gives us a diagnostic approach to many joint conditions. Injections including Hip injections and Carpal tunnel injections are performed under ultrasound guidance. 

Allergy Testing &  Immunotherapy

Full panel of skin tests to a variety of inhalant allergens, pollens and foods is available at our clinic. 

Allergen Immunotherapy is administered to patients when indicated. This can be customized per patient's needs.

Joint Injections and               PRP Injections

Intra-articular injections with corticosteroids are given if indicated. PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections may also be offered to treat multiple conditions including tendonitis and plantar fascitis.

X-Rays & Bone  Density Scans

We have a full time radiology technologist  who assists with joint X rays as well as performs the bone density scans that are ordered by the providers.


Xolair Injections

Xolair is a monoclonal antibody to IgE that has been proven to be beneficial in allergic asthma. It is added in asthma patients for symptom control for better effectiveness and safety of Allergen Immunotherapy. 


We can draw blood for the lab tests ordered by the providers in the clinic, provided your insurance approves use of Lab Corp for your labs.

Spirometry & Exercise      Challenge Testing

Incentive spirometry in asthma and respiratory disorders to assess lung volumes and reversibility of airway disease. Exercise Challenge testing is done to evaluate exercise as a factor in causing asthma. 

Specialized Immunology        Disease Evaluation

Our providers offer complex Immunologic and disease evaluation and management. Some of these examples include  management of Angioedema as well as Immunodeficiency evaluation and management and other rare disorders.

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