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Patient Manual - Scheduling


Our Responsibility

In order to evaluate your condition adequately, we allow an hour for new patient appointments. We offer the first available appointments and try to expedite appointments if our doctors receive direct communication from your physician.

Follow-up visits are scheduled based on the level of monitoring required for your condition and the medications you are receiving. It is our commitment to maintain continuity of care as long as our services are required. Even though our schedules are quite busy, if you have an urgent need concerning your disease that cannot wait until the next scheduled visit or cannot be resolved over the phone, we will make every effort to work you in for an earlier appointment.

We will also contact you in the rare event that appointments have to be rescheduled and attempt to make another appointment in a timely fashion. Our staff is committed to making a concerted effort to contact every patient with a reminder prior to their visit.

Your Responsibility

Prior to your first visit, we need to receive records from your primary care physician and other pertinent sources. This makes decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment of your condition much more efficient.

We request that you contact the office 24 hours in advance if you are not able to keep an appointment. It is our policy that three missed visits without prior notice is grounds for dismissal from this practice. Every missed appointment is a visit that could have been offered to another patient.

While we will make every effort to work in urgent follow-up appointments, we do not take walk-in visits. Calling our office in advance will ensure that we have sufficient time available to address your needs and work around previously scheduled patients.
Please make sure  your address and phone number are up to date with us.

Prepare for your Allergy Testing

Allergy skin testing is a useful tool in the diagnosis and management of allergic diseases and asthma. Skin testing requires a week off antihistamine therapy (eg cetirizine, loratidine, fexofenadine). Some patients are able to safely stop antihistamines to prepare for an allergy appointment. In cases where antihistamines cannot be discontinued safely a plan can be made at the appointment to prepare for allergy testing at a future appointment.

Allergy skin prick testing is a covered service by many insurers but it is important to verify your insurers’ coverage before the appointment. This can be done through your insurers website or by phone contact with your insurer. If it is a covered service, does your insurer need prior authorization to cover this service? Depending on your remaining deductible there could still be a significant patient cost.

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